Startup Policy Lab — Director of Silicon Valley Patent Office

“So the US Patent Office is opening a branch in Silicon Valley. Finally. And we’d like you to meet the new Director, John Cabeca.

John is on the board for this shindig, so be prepared for a friendly face. Got a burning question and need an expedited answer? Ask John during the Q&A — or anyone else that suits your fancy. There’s no need to reach out to DC, which doesn’t exactly run on Silicon Valley time (burn!).

Snacks and lovely beverages are included. You know we’re watching out for you.

Charles Belle, with Startup Policy Lab, and the HD Patent Meetup Group are hosting this glorious event to introduce the USPTO to Silicon Valley and to help them understand our needs, ideas and concerns.

Get yourselves over here for this rare event. Space is a bit limited as our roommates from the Hacker Dojo are also invited.

See you there!”