Intellectual Property Society Mission Statement

The Intellectual Property Society is a donor-supported membership organization working to increase public awareness of, and participation in, the evolution of intellectual property rights in the arts and emerging technologies.

Our mission is to provide both outreach from and education by experienced intellectual property creators and our volunteer legal professionals to artists, writers, entrepreneurs, technologists, investors and the general public.

“Intellectual property rights” are primarily protected through four legal regimes: patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secret. We attempt to shed light on the parameters and limitations of each of these intellectual property types and examine steps a creator might or must take to best secure these protections.

We endeavor to accomplish our educational goals by sponsoring seminars, lectures, meet-ups, white papers, and free one-on-one educational sessions* to consumers and creators of intellectual property – whether in the arts or technology (the schedule for these and related events can be found in the “Events” section of the website). Our website also provides our members and website visitors with notices of current events involving intellectual property rights since this area of the law is continually evolving due to court decisions, legislative changes and newly emergent technologies.

Our goal is to help keep the public educated and up to date so that they can both make informed decisions regarding the protection of inventions and artwork and enrich the civil discourse concerning the proper scope of intellectual property rights.

(*All one-on-one educational sessions are separate and apart from any legal advice that participating attorneys may provide through their private practices outside of IP Society sponsored events. The IP Society is not a law firm).

Please direct program, membership and sponsorship enquiries to