USPTO Announces COVID-19 Prioritized Examination Pilot Program

Good news from the USPTO, especially for small businesses working on COVID-19-treating inventions!

On May 8, the United States Patent and Trademark Office issued this press release regarding a pilot program to provide prioritized examination to micro and small entities, without the usual prioritized examination fees, for patent applications directed toward products or processes that are subject to FDA approval for preventing or treating COVID-19, to encourage cutting-edge innovation and help potentially live-saving inventions get to market and available to the public more quickly.

Music Copyright News: Flame vs. Katy Perry

Here’s an article from IPWatchdog about a recent music copyright infringement case heard in California, regarding Katy Perry’s “Dark Horse” and Flame’s “Joyful Noise”.

These songs maybe sound kinda similar– but in a court case, it has to be decided whether they’re similar enough: is one artist is infringing the other’s copyright?

Read the full article here!

COVID-19 Financial Assistance Programs

Here’s a video with some information for entrepreneurs and small business owners that may be helpful during this challenging time.

The information is current as of April 30th, and of course should be considered basic general information, not professional legal advice.

Photographer sues Getty Images after being billed for her own photo

And, one last fun IP News article to brighten your Thursday…

Photographer Carol Highsmith has been working on a project of archiving American life in the early 21st century, traveling around and taking photos all over the USA and donating them royalty-free to the Library of Congress for anybody to use.

Imagine, then, her surprise when she got a threatening letter accusing her of license infringement– for posting one of her own photos online!

Check out the full story here.

A Startup Founder’s Guide for Navigating the Coronavirus Crisis

To all friends of the IP Society, we hope all of you are staying safe and healthy in these uncertain times.

To those among you who might be bravely founding and running startup companies even in the midst of a global crisis, good luck, and here’s an article we found that’s just for you:



Check out the new USPTO Artificial Intelligence Resources

As part of a federal Artificial Intelligence Initiative that began last year, the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) recently unveiled a section of dedicated to all things AI Technology. This is definitely worth checking out.

Here’s a link: USPTO Artificial Intelligence Initiative

One of the highlights among the resources made available there so far is an archive of several comments and statements the USPTO requested and gathered from authorities in the field– both individuals and organizations– regarding patenting of artificial intelligence inventions. The site also includes two USPTO-run blogs on the topic, and has a spot for announcing upcoming events– there aren’t any scheduled now, but it looks like there are some on the way!

Article: ‘T-Shirt Bots Can Violate Copyright Law’…

… also entitled, “We Committed Copyright Infringement and Want To Be Sued By Disney”!

Happy Holidays, everyone!

This Fortune magazine article brings us a fun and interesting story that started last week (and isn’t over yet, apparently) about T-shirts, AI, and intellectual property theft — check it out here!