Global Encryption Controls

Practical Guidance for Meeting Technical Compliance and Licensing Requirements in the U.S., China, Japan, Russia, Israel, and the EU

“With sanctions against Russia, Japan’s new export control regulations, and U.S. export control reform, it is a rapidly evolving time for the world of encryption controls. Staying up to speed on the latest regulations from around the world can be a daunting task. For the past four years, trade compliance professionals have come to American Conference Institute’s Advanced Industry Seminar on Global Encryption Controls to hear from experts across the globe and benchmark their practices with companies facing similar challenges.

As the use of encryption technology continues to rise and becomes a more integral part of companies’ global business strategies, trade compliance and engineering teams need to learn how to interpret and apply highly complex rules affecting their bottom lines. Register now for ACI’s September conference that has gathered some of the leading minds in this field to discuss topics including:

  • RUSSIA – How to determine what proprietary information is protected and working with FSB to ensure proper classification
  • CHINA – Understanding proper use of the core function test for crypto products under Chinese regulations
  • FRANCE – How you can use the appeals process if your license is not granted in France
  • How to build common goals and objectives between regulatory requirements and the trade compliance and engineering community
  • HONG KONG, MALAYSIA & SINGAPORE – Re-export and transshipment challenges in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore – how they differ from each other and from EU regulations

Unlike other events on the market, this is the only program that brings together senior compliance professionals from across the world – ACI’s 5th Advanced Seminar on Global Encryption Controls is an industry-led program, where in-house export professionals can speak candidly about common challenges.

Don’t miss this opportunity to obtain critical information that is not available in print or on the web. Network and learn from expert counsel and compliance officers experienced in navigating foreign encryption control regulations, in key jurisdictions, including China, Russia, Israel, Japan and France.

Also, benefit from the interactive post-seminar working group:

A Practical Guide to Developing and Implementing a Global Encryption Compliance Program from Start to Finish: How to Navigate Classification and Licensing Issues across Multiple Jurisdictions”