Third Party Risk Management

“As the premier anti-corruption conference on the West Coast, this highly intensive FCPA Boot Camp will equip you with the tools necessary to mitigate FCPA violations, develop a strong compliance program, and monitor the conduct of your third parties. The US DoJ and SEC are using all of their available means for prosecuting the FCPA – stay up to speed on the latest developments to minimize your risk and exposure.”

2nd Annual IBA Silicon Valley from Startup to IPO/Exit Conference

“A conference presented by the IBA North American Regional Forum, supported by the IBA Closely Held and Growing Business Enterprises Committee, the IBA Intellectual Property and Entertainment Law Committee, the IBA Corporate and M&A Law Committee’s Private Equity Subcommittee, the IBA Technology Law Committee, the IBA Asia Pacific Regional Forum and the IBA European Regional Forum.

This conference will examine new issues, trends and strategies for forming, funding, expanding and ultimately exiting from a start-up company. The programme will explore the rise of Silicon Beach, a hotbed of Southern California companies in entertainment, media and technology, among other industries. Other regions building on the original Silicon Valley model – including Boston, Toronto and Tel Aviv – will also be examined. Panels will bring together venture capitalists, private equity players, entrepreneurs, government, legal and academic experts to focus on the various stages in the life-cycle of a successful start-up, including a profitable exit for its founders and investors.

Topics include:

  • Where are the next Silicon Valleys?
  • New trends in funding and exiting the start-up investment
  • Do’s and don’ts while raising funds
  • Pros and cons of crowd funding and internet-based investing
  • Developing an app – vital elements for success
  • The role of intellectual property
  • Financing of films, television and media
  • Silicon Beach success stories


Who should attend?

Lawyers in private practice or in-house counsel, C-level officers, private equity bankers, venture capitalists, entrepreneurs and others having an interest in how the original Silicon Valley model for creating, funding and growing companies has spread to other regions, and how that model can be successfully employed in the technology, media and entertainment industries.”

Global Encryption Controls

Practical Guidance for Meeting Technical Compliance and Licensing Requirements in the U.S., China, Japan, Russia, Israel, and the EU

“With sanctions against Russia, Japan’s new export control regulations, and U.S. export control reform, it is a rapidly evolving time for the world of encryption controls. Staying up to speed on the latest regulations from around the world can be a daunting task. For the past four years, trade compliance professionals have come to American Conference Institute’s Advanced Industry Seminar on Global Encryption Controls to hear from experts across the globe and benchmark their practices with companies facing similar challenges.

As the use of encryption technology continues to rise and becomes a more integral part of companies’ global business strategies, trade compliance and engineering teams need to learn how to interpret and apply highly complex rules affecting their bottom lines. Register now for ACI’s September conference that has gathered some of the leading minds in this field to discuss topics including:

  • RUSSIA – How to determine what proprietary information is protected and working with FSB to ensure proper classification
  • CHINA – Understanding proper use of the core function test for crypto products under Chinese regulations
  • FRANCE – How you can use the appeals process if your license is not granted in France
  • How to build common goals and objectives between regulatory requirements and the trade compliance and engineering community
  • HONG KONG, MALAYSIA & SINGAPORE – Re-export and transshipment challenges in Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore – how they differ from each other and from EU regulations

Unlike other events on the market, this is the only program that brings together senior compliance professionals from across the world – ACI’s 5th Advanced Seminar on Global Encryption Controls is an industry-led program, where in-house export professionals can speak candidly about common challenges.

Don’t miss this opportunity to obtain critical information that is not available in print or on the web. Network and learn from expert counsel and compliance officers experienced in navigating foreign encryption control regulations, in key jurisdictions, including China, Russia, Israel, Japan and France.

Also, benefit from the interactive post-seminar working group:

A Practical Guide to Developing and Implementing a Global Encryption Compliance Program from Start to Finish: How to Navigate Classification and Licensing Issues across Multiple Jurisdictions”

International Technology Transfers and Deemed Export Compliance

Cutting-Edge Compliance Strategies for Managing IT Access, Cloud Computing, and Complying with Foreign National Rules


“In its 8th year, American Conference Institute’s National Export Controls Forum on International Technology Transfers and Deemed Export Compliance is regarded as the only comprehensive, practical event that is dedicated to virtual export compliance. Unlike other events on the market, this forum allows you to maximize your time out of the office by walking away with practical solutions to critical ITAR and EAR challenges including:

  • How to reconcile foreign national restrictions with foreign anti-discrimination laws including the UK, Australia, Canada, and the EU
  • Protecting access to software tools and source code: Assigning project-specific privileges
  • Preventing technical data export violations in offshore procurement ventures
  • Where industry and academia collide: IP protection v. ability to publish
  • Understanding when defense services can be exported through IT and implementing strict compliance measures to prevent violations
  • Tightening procedures for carrying technical data out of the US

Meet and learn from a faculty of experienced government, in-house and private practice experts, who are at the cutting-edge of overcoming technology transfers and foreign national access challenges!”

IP Law Summit Fall 2014

“The IP Law Summit is the premium forum for bringing senior IP Counsel within the largest corporations and mid-market organizations together with service providers. As an invitation-only event taking place behind closed doors, the Summit offers an intimate environment for a focused discussion of cutting-edge technology, strategy and products driving the IP marketplace.”

87th California State Bar Association Annual Meeting

4-Day Meeting Pass
$475 Attorneys licensed (before 9-01-09)
$355 Attorneys licensed (after 9-01-09), and Non-Attorneys


2-Day Meeting Pass
$325 Thursday/Friday Pass
$325 Saturday/Sunday Pass
Pre-register by August 13, 2014. $100 increase after this date.

Mastering the Global Patent Game – What US IP & Business Professionals Need to Know to Increase Client Economic Influence While Side-Stepping Traps

This presentation will cover:

• The European approach to patents for computer implemented inventions. Following the decision in CLS Bank v Alice, should Europe be considered more favorably disposed to software patents than the US?

• Pre-action discovery. Some European countries have a very liberal approach to pre-action discovery and inspection. This can provide an effective vehicle to gather evidence of infringement that can be used in other jurisdictions such as the US.

• German without notice injunctions. In Germany, it is possible for a rights holder to obtain an injunction without prior notice to the injuncted party. This can provide valuable leverage in litigation in other jurisdictions.

• Threats of patent litigation can provide helpful leverage in US litigation – but if it is not done in the right way it can expose the maker of the threat to a damages claim.

• The anticipated European Unitary Patent Court will provide a single patent system for a market as big as the US market – might it provide an alternative to patent litigation in the US? – an update on the implementation of the court.

Stefanie Greifeneder, Partner, Munich Office of Fieldfisher
Hakim Haouideg, Partner, Brussels Office of Fieldfisher
David Knight, Partner, London Office of Fieldfisher
Matt Smith, Partner, Turner Boyd”

The Unitary Patent and the Unified Patent Court: A New Eastern District of Texas in Europe?

“The Unitary Patent and the European Patent Court will come into force in the next few months. This system will fully impact the strategies that companies put in place throughout the European Union in order to file patents and defend their IP rights in Europe. The organizational scheme of this new Patent Court and the “opt out” decisions to be taken for some patents or patent families will entail crucial strategic choices for companies.

Please join Palo Alto Area Bar Association and Reed Smith LLP as Marina Cousté presents the effect of the Unitary Patent and the European Patent Court on the future of IP in Europe. Marina Cousté is an IP Partner at Reed Smith LLP’s Paris office and specializes in intellectual property rights litigation. She has a reputation for practical experience in the field of high technology patents and trademarks, designs and models.

This event is hosted by Reed Smith’s Silicon Valley office. Lunch will be provided.”

LES Silicon Valley Chapter Happy Hour

“In appreciation of our members (and those who may someday become members), LES Silicon Valley Chapter invites you to join us at our Happy Hour. The first drink’s on us!

Please register early to attend this no-charge event, as space will be quite limited.

To register, send an email with your name, title and organizational affiliation to You will receive confirmation within one business day.”