IP News: Autonomous Weapons Need Autonomous Lawyers

To make your Thursday a little scarier and/or better informed, here’s an interesting article about the future of AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology, automated military technology, and automated law practice.

“With the arrival of autonomous weapons systems (AWS) on the 21st century battlefield,” writes Colonel Walter ‘Frank’ Coppersmith, “the nature of warfare is poised for dramatic change.”

Comparing the impending AI revolution in military technology to the Germans’ shocking and decisive use of coordinated use of aircraft, tanks, and radio at the beginning of World War II, Coppersmith predicts that the ongoing development of AI-enabled weapons will in turn push military leaders to empower the AI’s to make combat and strategic decisions with less and less human input. In view of that, AI is going to need to know how to interpret human law.

He also observes, though, that AI is coming to law practice. There are already AI-driven legal services available, and experts anticipate that much of the clerical and analysis work that lawyers currently labor over will soon be taken over by AI.

In a lengthy article that’s also very informative about AI in law particularly and AI advancements overall, this expert makes a compelling case for early adoption of AI in Air Force legal practice and beyond.

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