Feb 11: U.S Inventors’ Day 2023

Dear IP News fans,

As of February 11, a very Happy U.S. Inventors’ Day to all of the inventors (and future inventors, and potential inventors) out there!

Inventors’ Day is on the calendar to celebrate the genius behind design, and recognize the huge contribution inventors and their inventions make to our nation and to the world. Yes, it’s a real thing, I promise; census.gov says so. The U.S. observes it on February 11th, Thomas Edison’s birthday, but some other nations have their own Inventors’ Days or similar on other days of the year.

One great way to celebrate is to learn some history about inventors and contributions. Here are some resources:

That last one is a friendly reminder that one of the main public goods of patent protection is that we the people get to read all about cutting edge inventions, learn stuff, and get inspired! Just type in a search term, find a patent document about it, and that could even be how YOU start to invent the next big thing! Yes you!

Happy Inventors’ Day, everybody!

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